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Blender not Working!

I can imagine-you are tired coming from work and you just want to sit down and relax with some quick snack but your Blender decided not to come on board!

Greatvince will sort me out…

You put your fruits inside the blender and everything is ready you switch on your blender but nothing comes on I mean fokol.This is what you should look at:

Check wires if not damaged/broken.

Check if there’s power coming to the blender.

Take out everything you put inside the blender put them on a safe place.

Take the silver part(where the wires comes from) and find a nice clean spot e.g table to work on.

Now before we open the blender take a good look at the inside of the silver part.There should be two switches on top.

Very carefully attentively plug the blender back on the wall and try to press the switches at the same time.Use plastic handle on a screwdriver to do that or rather get another person to help hold the blender when you press on the switches.Look at or check if the blender spins if it does spin then the problem lies on a sharp point where it applies pressure on the switches it could be broken.

You have to replace the whole top cover or you can get a glue and a long plastic point to repair that small problem.This is harder than it sounds trust GreatVince he knows.This is fun contact me for more information on how to make your own switch pressure press.

If that’s not the case you’ll have to open the silver part and check for brushes and the motor.You must consider consulting a local qualified Electronics Technician for further assistance as I am far from where you are.

Soon I will provide small few minutes video to help you to learn to do things yourself. still to come…

I thank you.

This weekend

I don’t know about you but I’ll tell you straight man to woman that I’m going flipping CRAZEE(you should see my facial expression when I pronounce Crazy)I could go to church but no father,priest or pasta can pray away this energetic free spirit.

I’ll be chilling watching my favourite derby match and listening to some classic rock and roll feeling the electric charge pumping through my veins.

May the best team win.

I feel good my weekend is great what more could I ask for?How you doing?

What do you think of this photo?


Lost and found hide and seek look what I found,

A youngster lost in the dark seeking direction finally found the truth about life…it lies within us!!!

The hell he be talking about,is he looking for another fix?

To his surprise everybody realized he is the truth he be talking about!

That’s what I see and how I feel when I look at the photo,what about you?

Remember this Assassinations.

(careful I’m not sure about the pictures I could be wrong or I could be right).

One can never know what goes on inside the killer’s mind when deciding to take someone else’s life.The leaders who are with us no more,may they’re souls rest in peace/s.

Martin Luther King (social activist 1950s-1968)

I have a dream

Accused James Earl Ray

Abraham Lincoln 16th United states president (1861-1865)

Accused John Wilkes Booth

William McKinley 25th president of United states (1897-1901)

Accused Leon Czolgosz

James Garfield 20th president of United states.

Accused Charles J Guiteau

35th United states president (1961-63) John F Kennedy

Accused Lee Harvey Oswald.

In loving memory of the former Leaders in their respective leadership.

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