All it took is Once!

Once is all it took to fly and crash a plane into a building

Once is all it took to kill and become a murderer

Once is all it took to fall pregnant

Once is all it took to have an abortion

All it took is Once to destroy a life.

But then again….

Once is all it took to be retrenched and start your own blog

Once is all it took to save and become independent

Once is all it took to give birth and become a parent

Once is all it took to forgive yourself and find peace then embrace freedom

All it took is Once to build a life.

I thank you.

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Nothing Left.

Goodbye friend.

Death is born Life is executed

Pain we experienced and by pain we the experiment.

Guns blazing bombs exploding Earth die screaming

Graves planted lives lost human extinction.

Good deeds bad seed pain and sorrow is what we harvesting!

Dark clouds look up it’s raining blood.

I thank you.

As Far as Sunday goes!

[in short do tell how is your Sunday so far]

Take it easy-life is short.

This is as far as mine goes:

Predictions predicted = unpredictable is Life!

Love and hate dark and light nature’s competitors,

Worst of enemies then-now best of friends,

God gave and I accept that Sunday is my rest day.

Enjoy while staying safe free of covid.

Heaven or Hell no one has seen,

Angels below demons above God’s wrath this war we shall feel,

Life’s assumptions=Good is Bad and Bad is Good!

misery mistaken as mystery in this world of Covid19 may my Sunday heal my soul and let God’s sermon be a vaccine for this vicious disease.

How’s your Sunday?


Let us know!

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Trust me it’s not what you think!

This is how I feel:

I take full responsibility for all my irresponsibilities/I feel alone though my family is behind me/Survival of the fittest will I make it or should I surrender to defeat?Some thoughts of depression/Case study:what is life I need some clarification.

I thank you fellow Followers.

Blender not Working!

I can imagine-you are tired coming from work and you just want to sit down and relax with some quick snack but your Blender decided not to come on board!

Greatvince will sort me out…

You put your fruits inside the blender and everything is ready you switch on your blender but nothing comes on I mean fokol.This is what you should look at:

Check wires if not damaged/broken.

Check if there’s power coming to the blender.

Take out everything you put inside the blender put them on a safe place.

Take the silver part(where the wires comes from) and find a nice clean spot e.g table to work on.

Now before we open the blender take a good look at the inside of the silver part.There should be two switches on top.

Very carefully attentively plug the blender back on the wall and try to press the switches at the same time.Use plastic handle on a screwdriver to do that or rather get another person to help hold the blender when you press on the switches.Look at or check if the blender spins if it does spin then the problem lies on a sharp point where it applies pressure on the switches it could be broken.

You have to replace the whole top cover or you can get a glue and a long plastic point to repair that small problem.This is harder than it sounds trust GreatVince he knows.This is fun contact me for more information on how to make your own switch pressure press.

If that’s not the case you’ll have to open the silver part and check for brushes and the motor.You must consider consulting a local qualified Electronics Technician for further assistance as I am far from where you are.

Soon I will provide small few minutes video to help you to learn to do things yourself. still to come…

I thank you.

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