Prayer to God in my version!

Forgive me im a sinner im no Angel go easy on me with your judgement i am no demon love and protect me for I am you and you are me through me portrays your image.

We loved by human flesh,holy spirit,Jesus Christ and God the greater of Earth blessed it to be our Planet (our home).

Glory to God…..Amen!

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Rest in peace Dear Mr x.

Where my Dog At?

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Powerful words may his soul rest in peace.


Hip hop legend has left this world but his music will live forever.i’m speechless so this post will be as short as possible.

Where my dogs at?

God can you hear me pray.Heaven has a place for a nigga.

One two one two,come through run through

It’s dark and hell is hot!

Who we be?what they don’t know

The tears,the hugs,the love,the churches,and the coffin.

Rest in peace.

You was the hottest nigga out there

You’ll be missed

While you out there,we will be out here playing your jams.

You had one more road to cross

One more risk to take

You gotta leave your life this time,farewell Ruff Ryder for life.

You and Pac be dropping bombs up in heaven rest in peace man.

The Heart.

Protect your heart from heartbreak.

Heartbroken Heartfelt

Like Manchester their love will never be united

Heartbroken Heartfelt

Love once they had unconditionally-gave into Hate unfortunately divorce is now their settlement.

Their best Their worst.

Love they believed in and love they conceived

Their best Their worst

Two lovers each other’s will to live or two lovers each other’s will to kill!Forever in each other’s hearts now the heart is broken with wounds left open.

Hopeless he felt.

Heartbroken Heartfelt

Cold as stone their pain is mortal no time will heal

Heartbroken heartfelt

Together they will never be but forever their precious memories they will keep.

I thank you.

Just Words.

This Sunday we all about the resurrection of Christ our Savior and I respect that but I wrote a little something something to take your mind away for few minutes!

Time moves faster than a bullet.

Life of a dreamer mind of a killer facts of fate

Mentally disturbed physically distort emotionally wrenched and drained

Alone he felt anger emerged disruptively conquered.

Enigmatic he was – his crimes so enormity now is he carnivore or cannibal?

Sweet and charms who would’ve thought the least suspected is in fact a suspect!

Lives they lost screams they made scenes they caused all but vain.

Dreams turn Nightmares like a soldier haunted by grieve and hearts turned cold as lonely wait his endless rest with equanimity.

I thank you.

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World Party Day.

No Matter how hard you work today you are taking a break and relax.It is world Party Day afterall.

The world realize how hard you work and today the GreatVince together with the world say Happy World Party Day! Remember covid19 is still much alive and active so please sanitize,keep a safe distance,wear your hands gloves and lastly wear your Mask.

Underestriction laws we have to be careful how we can party responsibly.This are just some ways you can celebrate this day.You can add or choose which party is/will be suitable and affordable for you or your wallet.

Braai party

Spa party

Beer tasting party

Pool party

Enjoy this day and have a blast.We still on Easter vibes.

I thank you.

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