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Feel my pain.

I guess some might call it arogent I call it ignorance.

Being broke on a Saturday on a flipping weekend-while your soccer ladies football cup final is on the way you get the air there I mean the spirit and here I am flat broke.

No helping hand- how do you go on light that and from that at what cost…


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Do the right and left thing : Get Vaccinated…

Ladies and gentlemen please for my and your safety please please sign up and follow procedure and get Vaccinated.Help me by helping yourself by just doing one just one tiny thing GET VACCINATED as soon as Yesterday.

I thank you for helping to try and prevent the outrageous infection of covid19.People have died and are still dying but from today…now to be exact let’s say No More dying.Corona here we come fear is like we did you.

Off my chest

It’s paining me and I’m disappointed in what i see,

There’s this burden that i carry,

Life feels lost and lonely i see faces full of sadness ready to grieve,

Is this view that i wish i was blind and couldn’t see,

There’s this burden that i carry,

It’s killing me all the pain of loving you knowing tomorrow is forever and forever is yet to be known.

How am i to live when I’m surrounded by corpses everywhere i look is dead bodies,am i part of the living or part of the dead? Actions requires consequences but what kind of punishment will be enough consequence when death is at guilt?

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Don’t forget

Death is no longer a matter of sorrow alone,no man is immortal and then life of an individual is necessarily finite,but when that life is lived for the collective that tiny seed also becomes the very source of our communal immortality.

Death is one with life a new spring will conquer the dark nights of winter.The blood of the fallen and the tears of their loved ones will enrich the blessed soil of the Reich now and for all eternity.

[From the man in high castle.]

Good night God bless and protect us in this Covid times.

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The five Preachers

(of your whole life)

Well… Greatvince is now Silent…

A human being is an amazing art of God,a miracle, because his/her worth is unpredictable.You can say human being is two different things: the body and the spirit!The body dies and rot,the spirit can’t be seen(physically you can’t see the spirit but you can feel the spirit),even when it is there,it is alive,but we don’t know how/what connects it with the body.We don’t know how the spirit is created and how it lives is still a mystery.If you are a mysterious thinker,you can say Spirit is the King;the Body is a slave[Spirit lives in the body,it uses the body in any way possible].We face death because when the Spirit has left the body,it becomes should consider studying how the the Spirit is connected to the body[the actual connection,the the bond],if they succeed or not they should let us know because we are curious as well or aren’t we?…

Inspired by the book written in 1940 from London, Edinburgh and New York.Read from page 34-41 my country is blessed to have such books.

The first Preacher.

✓He is full of life

✓He is fast

✓He is clever and more.

He knows nearer/far,good or bad news and he visits anytime anywhere invited or not in the end he reports back to his/her owner(you) about his findings.What an important preacher!The EYE is the first and most important part of human body so please take good care of both your eyes.


The second Preacher.

Clean your ears.

✓responsible for hearing and our sense of balance.

If not properly taken care we may face hearing loss, cognitive decline, balance issues and delayed speech processing.

The 3rd Preacher.

✓help you figure out what’s happening by smell

✓it filters the air we breathe,remove dust,germs,and irritants.

✓it provides the lungs with moisture and warmth.

Please take care of your nose before it takes care of you.

The 4th Preacher.


✓help for eating and speaking

✓smile,frown and various facial expressions.

The 5th and last Preacher.

✓helps with temperature regulation


✓help in immune defence,vitamin production and sensation.

✓it covers and protects everything inside your body.

Love and protect your skin.

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