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Feel my pain.

I guess some might call it arogent I call it ignorance. Being broke on a Saturday on a flipping weekend-while your soccer ladies football cup final is on the way you get the air there I mean the spirit and here I am flat broke. No helping hand- how do you go on light thatContinue reading “Feel my pain.”

The five Preachers

(of your whole life) Well… Greatvince is now Silent… A human being is an amazing art of God,a miracle, because his/her worth is unpredictable.You can say human being is two different things: the body and the spirit!The body dies and rot,the spirit can’t be seen(physically you can’t see the spirit but you can feel theContinue reading “The five Preachers”

Rest in peace Dear Mr x.

Where my Dog At? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Powerful words may his soul rest in peace. Hip hop legend has left this world but his music will live forever.i’m speechless so this post will be as short as possible. Where my dogs at? One two one two,come through run through It’s darkContinue reading “Rest in peace Dear Mr x.”

The Heart.

Heartbroken Heartfelt Like Manchester their love will never be united Heartbroken Heartfelt Love once they had unconditionally-gave into Hate unfortunately divorce is now their settlement. Their best Their worst. Love they believed in and love they conceived Their best Their worst Two lovers each other’s will to live or two lovers each other’s will toContinue reading “The Heart.”