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LG DVD not coming on.

This is a summary of LG DVD not switching on.detailed information about the DVD is yet to be announced. STEP 1 ✓unplug DVD from wall and take out seven screws holding the cover✓remove the cover and put it on a safe place.put the screws in a safe container. ✓take out the power supply circuit boardContinue reading “LG DVD not coming on.”

Led TV dark screen problems

This is a brief description of Dixon 32inch led tv with sound but no pictures/images. ✓ TV comes on you hear people talking etc still no picture.switch the tv off and unplug it from wall socket. ✓ put the tv on a flat table with some sponge or something soft to protect the screen fromContinue reading “Led TV dark screen problems”

Amplifier not coming on/switching on.

You plug your amplifier on the socket and switch it on but nothing is coming on! Don’t worry we got you.👍 STEP 1 ✓ Unplug your amplifier from the wall socket. ✓ take your amplifier and put it on an empty clean table. ✓ take your Starpoint screwdriver and take out the eight screws onContinue reading “Amplifier not coming on/switching on.”