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Don’t forget

Death is no longer a matter of sorrow alone,no man is immortal and then life of an individual is necessarily finite,but when that life is lived for the collective that tiny seed also becomes the very source of our communal immortality. Death is one with life a new spring will conquer the dark nights ofContinue reading “Don’t forget”

This weekend

I don’t know about you but I’ll tell you straight man to woman that I’m going flipping CRAZEE(you should see my facial expression when I pronounce Crazy)I could go to church but no father,priest or pasta can pray away this energetic free spirit. I’ll be chilling watching my favourite derby match and listening to someContinue reading “This weekend”

Remember this Assassinations.

(careful I’m not sure about the pictures I could be wrong or I could be right). One can never know what goes on inside the killer’s mind when deciding to take someone else’s life.The leaders who are with us no more,may they’re souls rest in peace/s. Martin Luther King (social activist 1950s-1968) Accused James EarlContinue reading “Remember this Assassinations.”

Measuring led strips voltages (this is my theory)

This is how to measure voltages going to your TVs LED strips. Remember this is my own investigation on lots of 32 inches Hisense TVs as I have access to them. When the TV is on standby voltages is 35 Volts DC.When it is off standby (when it is on) voltages is 70 volts DC.Continue reading “Measuring led strips voltages (this is my theory)”

Twisted Valentine’s day.

We celebrate Valentine’s day on the same day,same month just different years.Today we celebrate with our pets especially a dog!Huff Huff as it is a man’s best friend anyone can ever ask for.Now who’s a good boy? Every morning your dog barks to wake you up but today it’s different you go ahead and wakeContinue reading “Twisted Valentine’s day.”