What do you think of this photo?

Lost and found hide and seek look what I found, A youngster lost in the dark seeking direction finally found the truth about life…it lies within us!!! The hell he be talking about,is he looking for another fix? To his surprise everybody realized he is the truth he be talking about! That’s what I seeContinue reading “What do you think of this photo?”

Remember this Assassinations.

(careful I’m not sure about the pictures I could be wrong or I could be right). One can never know what goes on inside the killer’s mind when deciding to take someone else’s life.The leaders who are with us no more,may they’re souls rest in peace/s. Martin Luther King (social activist 1950s-1968) Accused James EarlContinue reading “Remember this Assassinations.”

The Resistance.

This is plain English nothing major,no terminology or whatsoever.This is my story. I refuse to be bullied by my own feelings,my own thoughts and by my actions I am paying the price.I’m never shy (its just not in my DNA)nor weak.I just got sick with no one to turn to(so much for United we shallContinue reading “The Resistance.”


(A summary) Acne is a disorder of the skin in which oil glands and hair glands swell. Causes ✓usage of oily products ✓Genes(it runs in the family) ✓blocked pores ✓oily Cosmetics (be very careful) ✓increase in bacteria found in skin. Prevent (remember that there’s no cure for acne,but it can be controlled). ✓Eating fresh fruitsContinue reading “ACNE A DISEASE”

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