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This post is short and on point please comment,like and share even follow. Ladies and gentlemen please for my and your safety please please sign up and follow procedure and get Vaccinated.Help me by helping yourself by just doing one just one tiny thing GET VACCINATED as soon as Yesterday. I thank you for helpingContinue reading “Vaccine.”

The five Preachers

(of your whole life) Well… Greatvince is now Silent… A human being is an amazing art of God,a miracle, because his/her worth is unpredictable.You can say human being is two different things: the body and the spirit!The body dies and rot,the spirit can’t be seen(physically you can’t see the spirit but you can feel theContinue reading “The five Preachers”

The Heart.

Heartbroken Heartfelt Like Manchester their love will never be united Heartbroken Heartfelt Love once they had unconditionally-gave into Hate unfortunately divorce is now their settlement. Their best Their worst. Love they believed in and love they conceived Their best Their worst Two lovers each other’s will to live or two lovers each other’s will toContinue reading “The Heart.”

World Party Day.

No Matter how hard you work today you are taking a break and relax.It is world Party Day afterall. The world realize how hard you work and today the GreatVince together with the world say Happy World Party Day! Remember covid19 is still much alive and active so please sanitize,keep a safe distance,wear your handsContinue reading “World Party Day.”