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This is how a shaver looks inside!

You bought a shaver and all of a sudden it stops working,what do you do? This is what to look for: Check for blown parts or any physical damage. Check your battery. Check your four diodes(bridge rectifier). Look at the capacitor. Check the ac dc transformer. Check the switch on/off. It is very important toContinue reading “This is how a shaver looks inside!”

Mini hi-fi not working!

Feeling bored and decide to listen to your music and just relax but your hi-fi has other plans in store for you! Please note this is just a summary some steps are excluded. ✓safely unplug your hifi and take it to clean table or work Bench. ✓ remove all the cover screws and put themContinue reading “Mini hi-fi not working!”

Amplifier not coming on/switching on.

You plug your amplifier on the socket and switch it on but nothing is coming on! Don’t worry we got you.👍 STEP 1 ✓ Unplug your amplifier from the wall socket. ✓ take your amplifier and put it on an empty clean table. ✓ take your Starpoint screwdriver and take out the eight screws onContinue reading “Amplifier not coming on/switching on.”