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Blender not Working!

I can imagine-you are tired coming from work and you just want to sit down and relax with some quick snack but your Blender decided not to come on board! You put your fruits inside the blender and everything is ready you switch on your blender but nothing comes on I mean fokol.This is whatContinue reading “Blender not Working!”

Measuring led strips voltages (this is my theory)

This is how to measure voltages going to your TVs LED strips. Remember this is my own investigation on lots of 32 inches Hisense TVs as I have access to them. When the TV is on standby voltages is 35 Volts DC.When it is off standby (when it is on) voltages is 70 volts DC.Continue reading “Measuring led strips voltages (this is my theory)”

The Resistance.

This is plain English nothing major,no terminology or whatsoever.This is my story. I refuse to be bullied by my own feelings,my own thoughts and by my actions I am paying the price.I’m never shy (its just not in my DNA)nor weak.I just got sick with no one to turn to(so much for United we shallContinue reading “The Resistance.”

Twisted Valentine’s day.

We celebrate Valentine’s day on the same day,same month just different years.Today we celebrate with our pets especially a dog!Huff Huff as it is a man’s best friend anyone can ever ask for.Now who’s a good boy? Every morning your dog barks to wake you up but today it’s different you go ahead and wakeContinue reading “Twisted Valentine’s day.”

Be Happy.

I believe to live this life to create memories.To some people I’m nobody but to a nobody I am a role model.Its life today you are Up next you are down.Nobody is perfect the choices we make can testify on that.Whatever direction you make every turn you take remember that you are an idol someoneContinue reading “Be Happy.”