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Make a choice.

Everything happens when you take action.You go into the toilet choses to open the door and it’s dark inside! Its dark inside and outside is raining .That darkness is fear and once you open the door you will see light.Open that door and defeat fear.choosw to stay in the dark (fear) or choose to openContinue reading “Make a choice.”

How to repair 12 volts gate battery.

This is how to check and to repair a battery if it is in fact dead. Components Multimeter Wire Solder flux Soldiring wire File Soldering iron Battery charger Step 1 Take the battery and point out the problem. One battery terminal is broken.Take the file and start filing the broken terminal.once the broken terminal isContinue reading “How to repair 12 volts gate battery.”

This is how a shaver looks inside!

You bought a shaver and all of a sudden it stops working,what do you do? This is what to look for: Check for blown parts or any physical damage. Check your battery. Check your four diodes(bridge rectifier). Look at the capacitor. Check the ac dc transformer. Check the switch on/off. It is very important toContinue reading “This is how a shaver looks inside!”