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Feel my pain.

I guess some might call it arogent I call it ignorance.

Being broke on a Saturday on a flipping weekend-while your soccer ladies football cup final is on the way you get the air there I mean the spirit and here I am flat broke.

No helping hand- how do you go on light that and from that at what cost…


Published by Silent

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One thought on “Feel my pain.

  1. 💜 ALL I can do is Share My Experience of Being “flat broke” EveryOne; there have been many times I have been FLUSH!!! with CASH!!!and many times I have been “flat broke” so now I understand that finances ARE an Ebb and Flow…if I don’t have The Cash it’s a Gentle Nudge in a Different Direction; doesn’t seem Gentle when it happens…it seems BRUTAL!!! but that’s only because of MY EXPECTATIONS!!! and DisAppointments; so, ask for a loan and make sure it’s paid back



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