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Prayer to God in my version!

Forgive me im a sinner im no Angel go easy on me with your judgement i am no demon love and protect me for I am you and you are me through me portrays your image.

We loved by human flesh,holy spirit,Jesus Christ and God the greater of Earth blessed it to be our Planet (our home).

Glory to God…..Amen!

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Published by Silent

i love reading and writing.i am technician by me 0634647814

8 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. 💜 I AM Still trying to find that passage in the bible, any version will do, where Jesus said “I CHOSE!!! To Be Crucified, to shed My Blood to Save YOU!!! from The “Sin” YOU!!! Were Born In To…”; anyone got any answers apart from The Various Versions of The Bible 🤔 ?


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