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Rest in peace Dear Mr x.

Where my Dog At?

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Powerful words may his soul rest in peace.


Hip hop legend has left this world but his music will live forever.i’m speechless so this post will be as short as possible.

Where my dogs at?

God can you hear me pray.Heaven has a place for a nigga.

One two one two,come through run through

It’s dark and hell is hot!

Who we be?what they don’t know

The tears,the hugs,the love,the churches,and the coffin.

Rest in peace.

You was the hottest nigga out there

You’ll be missed

While you out there,we will be out here playing your jams.

You had one more road to cross

One more risk to take

You gotta leave your life this time,farewell Ruff Ryder for life.

You and Pac be dropping bombs up in heaven rest in peace man.

Published by Silent

i love reading and writing.i am technician by me 0634647814

15 thoughts on “Rest in peace Dear Mr x.

      1. When Person starts loving death thinking we gonna meet our Almighty God then no one will scare and when it comes to remembrance thingy its least bother. No ones is permanent everyone should leave this world and return back to God with good deeds.

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      2. Well… Before we Leave this world we have to first Live in this world so when we meet with God we have fulfilled our journey and we did the tasks he had given us to do only then will we meet with good deeds.We first must know why we are born in the first place.

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