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Let us know!

Take a very good look at the picture below and only tell me how do you feel about it.I mean all-let it out.Lets share our opinions and like our comments and then let’s follow one another.

Trust me it’s not what you think!

This is how I feel:

I take full responsibility for all my irresponsibilities/I feel alone though my family is behind me/Survival of the fittest will I make it or should I surrender to defeat?Some thoughts of depression/Case study:what is life I need some clarification.

I thank you fellow Followers.

Published by Silent

i love reading and writing.i am technician by me 0634647814

9 thoughts on “Let us know!

  1. πŸ’œ I Was Born, My Parents and Other Authority Betrayed Me to the extent I Developed Mental Health Illnesses particularly Rage, Anxiety and Depression; when Old Enough I Started Taking Revenge on EveryOne and it made Me Worse, Decades later I AM Cured of ALL My Curses after Forgiving EveryOne and Asking for Assistance from Mental Health Professionals via My Admission, Acknowledgingment and Addressing of My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues), by Reaching Out for HELP!!!


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