Remember this Assassinations.

(careful I’m not sure about the pictures I could be wrong or I could be right).

One can never know what goes on inside the killer’s mind when deciding to take someone else’s life.The leaders who are with us no more,may they’re souls rest in peace/s.

Martin Luther King (social activist 1950s-1968)

I have a dream

Accused James Earl Ray

Abraham Lincoln 16th United states president (1861-1865)

Accused John Wilkes Booth

William McKinley 25th president of United states (1897-1901)

Accused Leon Czolgosz

James Garfield 20th president of United states.

Accused Charles J Guiteau

35th United states president (1961-63) John F Kennedy

Accused Lee Harvey Oswald.

In loving memory of the former Leaders in their respective leadership.

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5 thoughts on “Remember this Assassinations.

  1. People could not raise their voice, they don’t want to be better to speak their thoughts and they choose the wrong way. They kill the leaders who speak up for everyone.

    Every action motivated by evilness, does not have a long last and positive impact. β€œ Truth always lives. If you have ability to speak it, you should behold it”.

    Good choice of the topic for the post. I appreciate it.✊

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