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Measuring led strips voltages (this is my theory)

This is how to measure voltages going to your TVs LED strips.

Remember this is my own investigation on lots of 32 inches Hisense TVs as I have access to them.

When the TV is on standby voltages is 35 Volts DC.When it is off standby (when it is on) voltages is 70 volts DC.

Open the TV cover it has few screws holding it.Take the cover off of the TV and put it on a safe place.Take your multimeter and switch it on and select DC voltage and put it ontop of the tv and start to measure.

Put your black lead to ground of the TV board just silver hole next to the board.Look at the picture.Now put the red lead on the inside where the backlight plugs in and check your multimeter for reading of 35 VDC when the TV is on standby and 70vdc when the TV is on(playing).

Let’s start to calculate:

35 vdc standby

On standby = 35 volts

70 VDC when playing.

Off standby (when it’s on)= 70 volts

Number of leds(21)

Number of LEDs = 21 LEDs(three strips)

21 LEDs =70 VDC

1 led=x

X= 1ร—70รท21

X=3,3 volts

So 1 led equal 3 volts ,so you have to buy led according to its voltage otherwise it’ll be a waste of money.What I’ve realized is that inbetween on/off process the voltage drops and rise by 64% this is how i calculated the percentage I did the following:

Percent of 45 in 70 I get 64 percentage.You know Maths do the calculations yourself.

220-240 vac

Before you buy a replacement led you should know the voltage the LEDs you are going to buy can handle.They come in different voltages.

See you on my next post where I will share my investigation on other 32 inches TVs(LG,Harwa, Telefunken, Sony etc).

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  1. That was a fantastic presentation of the technique & the calculations of the LEDs .I can relate to all this as I my is an Electrical Engineer having devoted 40 yrs of my life into the trade. You do have nice grip on the profession! God bless you, dear ๐Ÿ’–

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