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The Resistance.

This is plain English nothing major,no terminology or whatsoever.This is my story.

The Resistance.

I refuse to be bullied by my own feelings,my own thoughts and by my actions I am paying the price.I’m never shy (its just not in my DNA)nor weak.I just got sick with no one to turn to(so much for United we shall stand divided we shall fall)in my case it’s rather the other way around.

I had a life before I was happy but life is rather joy and sadness I was too proud to admit and too blind to see.I lost everything maybe happiness is not for me(here I go again bulling myself by my own thoughts).I watched my peers grow to men and women in their respectable families (while I got stuck in one place cause of my disease).

I got depressed surrounded by pain mercirible so I had to change my life but how?I didn’t know!I googled did my research then I saw WordPress then I knew I’ve hit Gold,I got a job,a new life but as a former or recovered addict it’s hard to carry on when no one lives you.

I choose to be The Resistance for negativity,bullies and everything that can put me down.

I am The Resistance…to be continued…

Published by Silent

i love reading and writing.i am technician by me 0634647814

7 thoughts on “The Resistance.

  1. Big up to you mate
    Keep your head up high and do the right thing
    What addiction have you recovered from?

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