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Twisted Valentine’s day.

We celebrate Valentine’s day on the same day,same month just different years.Today we celebrate with our pets especially a dog!Huff Huff as it is a man’s best friend anyone can ever ask for.Now who’s a good boy?

Today I rest you know I work hard.

Every morning your dog barks to wake you up but today it’s different you go ahead and wake it up with breakfast in bed.

Delicious food glorious food.

Afterwards give it a warm wash just let the dog feel and be in the moment,let it Huff Huff in the shower while playing “I feel good by James Brown”in the background.

I feel good they feel good we feel good.

Give it a nice great massage while telling him/her some good old stories.Watch it smile,and blush while in the background you are playing “I’m so excited by The Pointer Sisters”heg let it be so flipping excited.

Give him some exercises outside don’t worry he won’t be that dirty he’s a good boy now he won’t make you angry.To him this is a once in a lifetime moment in time.Its time for him to go get some action he has been in a cage for too long.You can hook him up “Huff Huff” come on daddy please.

Cute little buddy

Easy like Sunday morning by Lionel Richie just to boost the mood.

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