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Short message

Like me please

Everybody love the feeling of being successful.We post various topics and we connect.We forget one thing “the impact our posts carry”.

Don’t write for the sake of the “Likes”,do proper investigation and try to get reliable sources.

Don’t just write for yourself because you don’t read it only to yourself what you post is what you want us to look and see.Try the private view not the public cause that’s for everyone to view.

Learn other bloggers blogs and compare to yours.Read comments and then respond positively.Follow to be followed.

Well…I’m just saying as the saying goes “do onto others what must be done to you”.

For reading.God bless.

Published by Silent

i love reading and writing.i am technician by me 0634647814

10 thoughts on “Short message

  1. I think this was needed to be said. Thank you for posting it, I never post unless it’s something I know would be of help to someone else, and I usually spend quite a while typing it up so that the reading experience is just as healing πŸ™‚πŸ₯‚

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