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How to repair 12 volts gate battery.

This is how to check and to repair a battery if it is in fact dead.




Solder flux

Soldiring wire


Soldering iron

Battery charger

Step 1

Take the battery and point out the problem.

One battery terminal is broken.Take the file and start filing the broken terminal.once the broken terminal is cleaned plug in your soldering iron,and take a small wire tint it and solder it on the broken battery terminal.


Now clear a space and take your battery and multimeter and test the battery on DC volts you will get 13,63 DC volts or 12,9 volts.


Now take your battery charger and connect it to the battery terminals and observe whether it charges or not.

There where it says FULL it will become dim when it is charging.


Now take your battery to your gate and let it charge for two hours.Thats it well down we did it it’s fixed.

This is before and after the repair process.please like.

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