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Mini hi-fi not working!

Feeling bored and decide to listen to your music and just relax but your hi-fi has other plans in store for you!

Please note this is just a summary some steps are excluded.

✓safely unplug your hifi and take it to clean table or work Bench.

✓ remove all the cover screws and put them in a container.

✓ remove the cover and put it on a safe place.

This is what the hifi looks like inside.

✓ check for physical damage if no damage take the green board out.

The green board looks like this.if your hifi works but no sound then the four ICS are blown you can see how small they need to call a technician for that part.

✓ now take out the main power supply board and start to measure.please test the following if it’s there’s no fault please take your hifi to the nearest technician please.

* check fuse

* check bridge rectifier

* check diodes

* check capacitors

* check transistors

* check the resistors

You can close the hifi and get proper assistance from qualified far you are doing fine admit you are learning everytime we post how to fix gadgets.

Check the transformer or eveñ the wire.i thank you.

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