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How to properly repair the LED TV backlights.

You switch your television on hoping to watch news or your favourite soapie but all you see is dark screen with voices.

No need to worry because that can and will be fixed in a couple of hours,same day at low cost!


✓ Starpoint screwdriver (medium)

✓ cutters

✓ screw containers

✓ small Starpoint screwdriver

✓ backlights tester (it could be 15 VDC power supply)

✓ soldering iron 30 watts max

✓ flux

✓ wire

We first have to put the TV flat on the screen on a flat clean soft surface.we then have to take our medium Starpoint screwdriver and start to unscrew and take out the screws holding the back cover.

✓ Now take off the TV back cover and put it on a clear safe place.

✓ now you will see two TV board which are the power board and the screen board well technically it is converter board.

✓ carefully unplug those two cables holding the screen and  then take your Starpoint screwdriver and take out two screws  holding the board.Neatly put it on a safe place.

✓ again very carefully take out the screen board and flip the TV facing up towards you and take small flat screwdriver and unclip the covers gently is the right word for this, until you get to the backlights strips.They may look like this:

✓ take your backlight tester and start to test each one individually before checking them in pairs.on my tv nine leds were blown but I did not bridge them I took the old blown one and put in the new brand new if i may add and after all new ones were put in and i started to test better measure twice and cut that all is good and good is all the backlights look like this…

Well done we are done.Now you should put back everything back without my help.i thank you @greatvince

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