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LG DVD not coming on.

This is a summary of LG DVD not switching on.detailed information about the DVD is yet to be announced.


✓unplug DVD from wall and take out seven screws holding the cover
✓remove the cover and put it on a safe place.put the screws in a safe container.

✓take out the power supply circuit board it is the one with transformer on it.

✓first check for any physical damage.Now you can check the fuse and then the bridge rectifiers or the four primary diodes right after the AC wire.

✓look also for dry joints underneath the power supply board.

My suggestion is to take the board as a sample and buy a new one believe me that board is the reason your DVD won’t switch on.

It is hardly that this board ever gets blown out in my case the big chip if was blown so I ended up buying two boards don’t make the same mistake or rather take your DVD to a qualified technician to help you out.

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