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Led TV dark screen problems

This is a brief description of Dixon 32inch led tv with sound but no pictures/images.

✓ TV comes on you hear people talking etc still no picture.switch the tv off and unplug it from wall socket.

✓ put the tv on a flat table with some sponge or something soft to protect the screen from any damage.

✓ now take your Starpoint screwdriver and take out the screws holding the cover.

✓ put the screws in a container and put it on a safe place.

✓ take off the cover and put it one side.

Youll see the main board This is what you should check.

✓ check for swollen or bulged capacitors.

✓ check next to where the screen plugs for any damage.look carefully

If everything is fine move on to step 2.

Remember this is a brief we go straight to the backlights.

✓ now look at the strips individually and carefully.Here we are looking for blown track.

✓ take your 12 volts(DC) charger and cut it in the middle and seperate the wires one is + the other will be – .take the -(negative) wire it is the one with white small dots and put the 470 ohm resistor there.The colors on the resistor are yellow violet brown then gold.

✓ on the backlight strip theres positive and negative.on the led there’s also marks of + and – just put your negative wire on the negative on the strip and put your positive wire on the positive spot.

*the led should come on when it is working and nothing when it is blown.

You will see and mark the ones that are blown and replace them with new ones or bridge them that is for temporary though.

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