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Amplifier not coming on/switching on.

You plug your amplifier on the socket and switch it on but nothing is coming on! Don’t worry we got you.πŸ‘


βœ“ Unplug your amplifier from the wall socket.

βœ“ take your amplifier and put it on an empty clean table.

βœ“ take your Starpoint screwdriver and take out the eight screws on the amplifier (two on top,two on each side of the amplifier and last two at the back of the amplifier).

βœ“ put all the screws in an empty bottle/container and put it one side on a safe place.


βœ“ open the cover of the amplifier and put the cover next to the screws container.

βœ“ now you must look at the inside of your amplifier very carefully.You must look for any physical damage.

βœ“ if nothing is blown look at the transformer for any damage.

Unplug the three wires (yellow black yellow)coming from the transformer going to the main board.Take your tester/multimeter and put it on ohm reading and measure those wires.

*first put the leads one on first yellow the other one on the last yellow to black you should get a reading of 2.5 ohms both ways.

βœ“ if no reading at all your transformer is blown.

βœ“ there’s an on/off switch with four wires.Look at the two from the transformer take one lead hold it together with one wire and take the AC plug and put the other lead on the N or L of the plug.You should get a reading of 00.0 diode/continuity.

βœ“ now take two leads

More information to be added  shortly.My apologies.

βœ“ put the new bridge rectifier in its place and the solder neatly.

βœ“ put back the board on its place and put the screws in.

βœ“ now take the new transformer in its place put the nut and bolt to keep it steady.

βœ“ connect two wires from the transformer to the ones that you cut from the switch,make sure they won’t make a short then check that everything is in place and on the right place.

βœ“ plug the amplifier and switch it on paying outmost importance in anything that can get hot or blow. Check for any smoke.

βœ“ the amplifier should come on but the sound won’t be there unfortunately.

βœ“ check the four transistors on the board by the heat sink,check for shorts its either PNP or NPN

*black lead of the tester/multimeter is on the middle leg and red lead it’s on the leften side leg or the first leg as we call it.Then take the same red lead to the tighten side or the third leg of transistor you should get readings not shorts..556 or .465 diode reading.


βœ“ switch off the amplifier and unplug it.Now write down the number you see on the transistors or on the board next to transistors themselves e.g tip41 c,d718

βœ“ go your local supplier and buy them or order them online.Take careful measure when desoldering those transistors because you must put new ones back..

βœ“ now look at the resistors each and everyone of them,I suggest you get someone with experience or visit Google for resistors color reading.

To be continued…

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