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Kettle heating problem

The kettle switches on red light and everything but it doesn’t warm/heat up the water inside.No need to call a professional Technician yet,just follow this simple easy DIY steps to get your kettle working perfectly again.


✓ unplug the kettle from the plug.

✓ pour out water and make sure the kettle is empty.

✓ find a neat space/place to work on e.g table


✓ open your kettle and check the inside (the element) for physical damage.

Symptoms of bad element

* element will have blackish colour ontop.

* element will be cracked on top,you can even see the white powder-like coming out of the element.


✓ close the kettle and turn it on a side(put it flat on a side)

✓ there’s four screws (screws vary depending on kettle model/make)

✓ take your screwdriver and take them out.

✓ some kettles have a clip below the last two screws at the bottom,take small flat screwdriver or a flat sharp object preferably a knife to unclip it.


✓ open the kettle as if you are going to pour water in.You’ll see two screws on top, remove them also.


(only focus on the three wires going straight to the element).

✓ take the three wires out individually putting tape on each one of them just to mark them for safety (it will be easier when putting the new element).

✓ now take your screwdriver and take out the three screws holding the element (apply a little bit of pressure on the element, holding it in place with your other hand).

✓ now finally take the element out by pulling gently and take it out of the kettle straight to the nearby electronic Shop.Take it as a sample.

Well done for now another session is on the way on how to put the element back inside your kettle.

I thank you.

Laugh your troubles away.

Yours in electronics



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