The Resistance.

This is plain English nothing major,no terminology or whatsoever.This is my story.

The Resistance.

I refuse to be bullied by my own feelings,my own thoughts and by my actions I am paying the price.I’m never shy (its just not in my DNA)nor weak.I just got sick with no one to turn to(so much for United we shall stand divided we shall fall)in my case it’s rather the other way around.

I had a life before I was happy but life is rather joy and sadness I was too proud to admit and too blind to see.I lost everything maybe happiness is not for me(here I go again bulling myself by my own thoughts).I watched my peers grow to men and women in their respectable families (while I got stuck in one place cause of my disease).

I got depressed surrounded by pain mercirible so I had to change my life but how?I didn’t know!I googled did my research then I saw WordPress then I knew I’ve hit Gold,I got a job,a new life but as a former or recovered addict it’s hard to carry on when no one lives you.

I choose to be The Resistance for negativity,bullies and everything that can put me down.

I am The Resistance…to be continued…


(A summary)

Acne is a disorder of the skin in which oil glands and hair glands swell.

This is not a joke take charge to control the outcome.


✓usage of oily products

✓Genes(it runs in the family)

✓blocked pores

✓oily Cosmetics (be very careful)

✓increase in bacteria found in skin.


(remember that there’s no cure for acne,but it can be controlled).

Healthy lifestyle.

✓Eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

✓drinking plenty of water.

✓Regular exercises.

Lifestyle is a choice


✓Doctors e.g dermatologists can provide medication to control (not to cure)the acne.

✓Atleast 8 hours sleep will do windows to your skin.

Learn to budget and pay your medical bills.

Twisted Valentine’s day.

We celebrate Valentine’s day on the same day,same month just different years.Today we celebrate with our pets especially a dog!Huff Huff as it is a man’s best friend anyone can ever ask for.Now who’s a good boy?

Today I rest you know I work hard.

Every morning your dog barks to wake you up but today it’s different you go ahead and wake it up with breakfast in bed.

Delicious food glorious food.

Afterwards give it a warm wash just let the dog feel and be in the moment,let it Huff Huff in the shower while playing “I feel good by James Brown”in the background.

I feel good they feel good we feel good.

Give it a nice great massage while telling him/her some good old stories.Watch it smile,and blush while in the background you are playing “I’m so excited by The Pointer Sisters”heg let it be so flipping excited.

Give him some exercises outside don’t worry he won’t be that dirty he’s a good boy now he won’t make you angry.To him this is a once in a lifetime moment in time.Its time for him to go get some action he has been in a cage for too long.You can hook him up “Huff Huff” come on daddy please.

Cute little buddy

Easy like Sunday morning by Lionel Richie just to boost the mood.

Be Happy.

Happy life.

I believe to live this life to create memories.To some people I’m nobody but to a nobody I am a role model.Its life today you are Up next you are down.Nobody is perfect the choices we make can testify on that.Whatever direction you make every turn you take remember that you are an idol someone else’s motivation.

Happy I’ll ever be.

are funny you tickles me I’m your audience you try to impress me.Live to the fullest and life Will be by your side nurturing you to your best.

Live like crazy.
Happiness is great.

Short message

Like me please

Everybody love the feeling of being successful.We post various topics and we connect.We forget one thing “the impact our posts carry”.

Don’t write for the sake of the “Likes”,do proper investigation and try to get reliable sources.

Don’t just write for yourself because you don’t read it only to yourself what you post is what you want us to look and see.Try the private view not the public cause that’s for everyone to view.

Learn other bloggers blogs and compare to yours.Read comments and then respond positively.Follow to be followed.

Well…I’m just saying as the saying goes “do onto others what must be done to you”.

For reading.God bless.

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